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Metodologická podpora regionálního rozvoje

The concept of regional development concludes a very wide area of activities whose general aim is improving socio-economical level of regions. Basic frame of regional development is shaped by regional policy. There are many different views on regional development and many accesses to its practical application. That is the reason for origin of this web platform which should be available for discussion, share of opinions and experience on field of regional development.

To ensure efficiency of regional policy, it is important to know situation in territory. That is why the main part of this web presents catalogues with numerous graphs, cartograms and texts which are important to describe regional disparities. Through cartographical visualisation connections among different phenomena can be detected. It helps to identify differences among regions and their causes. Cartograms and cartodiagrams try to describe regions in the Czech Republic in various scales – from level of regions to municipality (in dependence on data availability).

The “catalogue” project is supported by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.